Smart Choices For the Smartest Betting System for You

Negative progressions are the exact opposite of the previous type of betting system, which can cause significant harm to your financial situation. Using negative progression, you must increase your bet after each loss and decrease it after each win. The essence of this system is this: if you raise your bet every time you lose, then, in the end, your winnings are sufficient to cover all previous losses. At first glance, it may seem that the system is quite logical, and therefore many players even use it.

But if we begin to analyze in detail this negative betting system, we will find its weaknesses. There is a big risk that when you double each subsequent bet, you simply run out of money. In addition, each casino has certain restrictions regarding the maximum bet sizes. Even if you have enough money and you can continue to bet, the casino simply will not allow you to do this. This system is best used by a professional who understands it well, but for an amateur, it can lead to complete collapse.

Flat rate system

Unlike positive and negative betting systems, a flat system implies that you must bet the same amount for each …