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On this occasion, the author will provide tips and tricks for playing poker in a casino so that you win lots of chips when playing. In fact everyone wants to know how to win and avoid serious losses when playing poker. Come on.. Let’s just follow the trick on this basis.

To be able to play poker games, of course, each player must have a special strategy that is used when playing. Everyone has their own tricks, but in the following I will give you a method that I often use to win games and avoid big losses.

Online poker games, in fact, have become a favourite among online betting enthusiasts, so this game has become very popular in the online gambling category. However, many are already experts in playing online poker so that they can always feel big wins and minimize losses.

Then, what about those who are newcomers or do not have certain methods or strategies? In fact they will often face defeat. If you are one of the players who do not have a strategy, judi slot online I will share some methods that are quite effective and I often use.

  1. Don’t be eager and greedy to make a lot of capital, unless we are experts in online poker games that use real money. I suggest for those of you who are newcomers, bring the necessary chips or a little capital to avoid big losses at the beginning of the game. So you can use the methods that I share next.
  2. After you have prepared the capital to play, just before you enter the betting table, hold on for a moment and don’t sit down. Why is that? Because it’s a good idea for you to first observe the playing method of your opponents who are playing, with the aim of reading how they play. If you already know your opponent’s game method, then prepare a strategy to fight it when you join the table.
  3. After you have looked at the method of playing your opponent, then I have a strategy that is quite effective for you to use when the game starts. The method I share is BLUFFING or bluffing. The bluffing strategy is very useful for where when you hold a card that is not good but it looks like you are holding a big card. Increase your bet until your opponent FOLD. But let me remind you again that you don’t use this method very often. Because it is very dangerous but, can help in times of urgency.

How to Play Poker

There are many variations of poker games such as 5 Card Draw or Texas Hold’em, but the essence of how to play poker is to have the largest 5 card combination. The winner is the owner of the card with the greatest combination. This card combination is predetermined and has become a basic rule in how to play poker.

In the unfolding stage, the remaining players compare the cards they have in order of the strength of the card combination. If two players have a card combination with the same value or neither has a winning card combination, then the player with the highest value card wins (the highest value ace card).

That way the first way to play poker is to understand the number of card combinations from the highest to the lowest. Here’s the combination from highest to lowest.

  1. Royal Flush (10 cards, jacks, queens, kings, and aces, all of the same suit) – the highest value because it is the most surprising if you get it. A common misconception is that this card combination is the most difficult to get than the other five similar cards.
  2. Straight Flush (five cards with consecutive numbers, all of the same suit) – must not have a king card and a two card at the same time (eg Q-K-A-2-3).
  3. Four of a Kind (four cards with the same number and one card of any kind).
  4. Full House (three cards with the same number and two cards with the same number) for the same card combination. Full House, which is stronger is determined by a card with a higher value than three cards that have the same number.
  5. Flush (five cards of the same suit) – any number doesn’t matter.
  6. Straight (five cards with consecutive numbers, different suit) – may not have a king card and two cards at the same time (eg J-Q-K-A-2).
  7. Three of a Kind (three cards with the same number, two other cards with different numbers) – if the other two cards have the same number, it will be a Full House.
  8. Two Pair (two pairs of cards with the same number plus one card with different numbers).
  9. One Pair (two cards with the same number, three other cards with different numbers).
  10. High Card (the value of the poker card itself can be a sequence of cards as well as a poker card image)

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