Smart Choices For the Smartest Betting System for You

Negative progressions are the exact opposite of the previous type of betting system, which can cause significant harm to your financial situation. Using negative progression, you must increase your bet after each loss and decrease it after each win. The essence of this system is this: if you raise your bet every time you lose, then, in the end, your winnings are sufficient to cover all previous losses. At first glance, it may seem that the system is quite logical, and therefore many players even use it.

But if we begin to analyze in detail this negative betting system, we will find its weaknesses. There is a big risk that when you double each subsequent bet, you simply run out of money. In addition, each casino has certain restrictions regarding the maximum bet sizes. Even if you have enough money and you can continue to bet, the casino simply will not allow you to do this. This system is best used by a professional who understands it well, but for an amateur, it can lead to complete collapse.

Flat rate system

Unlike positive and negative betting systems, a flat system implies that you must bet the same amount for each move, regardless of the outcome of the round. This approach is considered optimal due to a lower level of risk in case of loss. But is it possible to win a lot by using this system? The surest way to earn money using a flat betting system is to accurately determine who will win: Player or Banker. Forecast accuracy should be above 50%. Although this method can really protect you from major losses, it is unlikely to help you provide yourself with really big wins. Moreover, this system will definitely be useful to those who have not yet fully understood the rules of the game and so far feel insecure about it.

What are the advantages of a flat betting system in comparison with a progressive and negative systems?

It gives great chances to win. Since rates do not increase or decrease, the risk that you spend too much is reduced. By not adding anything to your previous bets, you reduce the likelihood of losing and increase your chances of winning.

Lets bet more

A flat betting system gives you the opportunity to bet more times, while spending less money on each bet. You can also safely bet a large amount, since subsequently you will not have to double it.

  • Suitable for someone who is not yet fully familiar with the rules of the game. Due to its simplicity and low risks, a flat betting system is more suitable for beginners than the rest. Using it, you don’t even have to make calculations.

If you want to beat the casino, then a flat system is definitely suitable for you, since it does not force you to increase or decrease bets. This means that you definitely do not have to spend more than the amount that you can lose. Experts take the negative system critically, they are no less skeptical about positive progression. If you still cannot figure out a flat betting system, you definitely should not switch to others. It does not guarantee big wins, but it helps to control the game, provided that you have learned how to calculate the outcome of each round. If you still do not know how to do this, then at least do not lose your money.

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