Blackjack and winning: Interwined

Card counting was widely publicized in blackjack. This happened after Edward Thorpe published his best-selling book Beat the Dealer in 1964. It was proved that this method really helped many players beat dealers and win blackjack. Of course, not only the players know about it, but the casinos themselves. Therefore, now blackjack tables are under constant surveillance, and all players who are suspected of counting cards are disqualified. However, lovers of excitement do not let their skills stand idle and use them in other games, for example, in baccarat.

Yes, you can really count cards in baccarat, and this is one of the main reasons why it can bypass blackjack in popularity. In theory, counting cards in a game is unlikely to bring you much profit, so this tactic is not worth your time or effort. However, if you still decide to learn how to count cards, there is a section dedicated to this on our website.

Control over your funds as an integral part of the game

If you decide to use the progression system, first you should learn how to keep track of your funds. Any system that requires you to increase the rate becomes a trap, from which it is difficult to get out. Regardless of the system you use, be it Passwords, Martingale or Parlay, never spend more than you originally allowed. Baccarat is a game that is based on probability, and therefore you can never accurately predict your win or loss. Do not seize on your failures in the hope of winning sooner or later. Remember one golden rule: you need to exit the game when you are in the black.

  • Every time you plan your budget: decide what the size of your bet will be, and then put a limit on the total amount that you are willing to spend in the game. If you decide that you will bet $ 10 each time, and the total amount of the game bank will be $ 200, immediately leave the game if you lose the set limit and do not start a new one for a while. Of course, leaving the table as a winner is much more pleasant, but it is important to understand that gambling can become very unpredictable. The worst strategy is to follow your losses and hope for one of the following motivators:

Almost a loss: This is a situation when you are very close to winning, but still can not win. In this case, you continue to bet in the hope that the next round will certainly be successful.

The illusion of control: The ability to roll dice with a ball in roulette or to squeeze cards in baccarat can create the illusion of control in a game that is actually based on pure luck.

Player misconception: This refers to a common misconception that after a series of setbacks you still have a streak of luck.

Enjoying and at the same time controlling the situation is the best strategy

All of the above misconceptions are related to compulsive play. Each of us has an innate aversion to losing, but we must understand that in games like baccarat, luck is a decisive factor. Stop playing whenever you lose your pre-allocated budget, regardless of whether you are lucky at the moment. Do not sit down at the gaming table again, give yourself time. If you win, then divide your winnings in half, and then play with only one half. Even if you lose it, you will still remain in the black. Remember that all casino entertainment is made for fun. Just enjoy the game and its social aspects, while not forgetting to control your gaming budget. This strategy works in all situations.

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