Banker Options with Baccarat

Although betting on a Banker is indeed considered the best option in baccarat, everything changes a bit when you start to adhere to a certain strategy. The fact that the rate on the Banker is subject to a commission of 5% makes it not very profitable in progression. Let’s assume that you are using the Martingale strategy, that is, double your bet after each loss. In this case, after 4 failures with a bet of 10 units, you will lose already 150 units (10 + 20 + 40 + 80).


You bet on the Banker again, but this time your bet increases to 160. Finally, you win and get paid in the amount of 304 units. It turns out that we must add another 160 units to your bet of 160 units, and then subtract 5% from the amount received. It turns out that the total amount delivered was 310 (10 + 20 + 40 + 80 + 160). This means that the winnings did not cover your losses, and due to negative progression and commissions you lost 6 units. A similar outcome of the game in case of placing a bet on the Player would give a profit of 1 unit. That is why, even taking into account the lesser probability of winning, betting on the Player becomes the best option for playing according to a well-defined strategy.

Draw Bet

Baccarat is known as the game with the smallest share of casino winnings, but not in the case of betting on a draw. The bet on the Banker is profitable, since the casino’s winning share is 1.06%. The bet on the Player provides a casino share of 1.26%. But the bet on a draw challenges the logic and structure of the game, since the casino’s winning share rises to 14.4%. Of course, placing a bet on a position with a 10% chance of a strike and paying out 14 units for every 100 delivered is simply unprofitable. Therefore, the best solution is to avoid this bet and play as if it does not exist at all. If you follow the results and you suddenly get a Draw, just do not calculate this outcome and continue the game.

You need to use betting systems in baccarat if they work

Some practices that are widely used at other tables may also be applicable in baccarat. Simple strategies like D’Alembert and more sophisticated tactics like Labouchere can help you avoid uncontrolled accidents. Players equally often use both positive progressions like Parlay or Paroli, and negative betting systems. To learn how to use the Fibonacci numerical progression or to master the 1-3-2-6 system, read the Baccarat betting system on our website.

Positive progression

When using positive progression in the game, you raise the bet after each win and lower it after each loss. Positive progressions are less damaging to your bank account than negative ones. They are aimed at increasing your profit in case of falling into the stream of wins and minimizing losses in a series of failures. In theory, thanks to them, you can really increase your profit from the game and at the same time soften the blow to your wallet from possible losses. Positive progressions do not affect your chances of winning or losing, in general, they do not carry any risk.

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